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Azulen is a key ingredient to treat delicate skin that is prone to redness and irritation. Characteristics often include thin, translucent skin and high skin sensitivities. Azulen and Chamomile Oil balance and normalise existing or potential irritations and contain anti- inflammatory and calming properties. 

Through the use of Azulen products, the skin will become stabilized and reinforce the skin’s natural protective abilities.

Dr Ecksteins Collagen Range offers highly effective care for dry, damaged skin afflicted with the loss of elasticity and lack of moisture. Marine Collagen, Panthenol, natural moisturising factors, amd precious oils provide for better moisture retention and smoother skin. 

Cytokine -Complex helps regulate the cell processes as biogenous germ extracts provide active substance that help stimulate metabolism. The appearance of fine lines will be reduced and the skin will look more supple for a refreshed and revitalised complection.